Friday, 24 May 2013

Escherian Stairwell (Penrose Staircase) in RIT New York a Real Architectural Design or a Hoax

Is The Rochester Institute of Technology Escherian Stairs Real? How Is It Done? Answers Here.

This video from RIT students on Escherian stairwell, Penrose staircase, neverending stairs, endless stairwell, impossible staircase or whatever you may name it is going viral on the internet has been causing some amazement & puzzling many viewers. Claimed to be designed by a Filipino architect named Rafael Nelson Aboganda the stairwell is located in RIT Universitytown of Henrietta, Rochester, New York. If you have seen the video I'm sure some of you may have been wondering how is the stairs designed or if its even possible to have such a staircase. Watch this video if you have not seen it.

Hope you enjoyed the video. Some of you may have already know the answers, others may have your own conclusions of this impossible staircase video. I'm sure most people will just find it unbelievable. The first thing that came to mind for me being an engineering student is that it can never be possible to have such stairs simply because having this Penrose stairs will mean there is a solution to perpetual energy which contradicts with current physics laws. Such findings will never go unnoticed, It would be bigger than the discovery of electricity & would make Issac Newton & Albert Einstein look like amateurs. You just can't decrease potential energy & end up with a higher potential energy right?

The idea of this stairs go as far back as 1950's by  Maurits Cornelis Escher artwork which later inspired Lionel Penrose to come up with some impossible geometric object ( the Penrose triangle) & later the Penrose staircase also known as impossible staircase. Sadly as its name had suggested both the impossible staircase & Penrose triangle cannot exist in 3D, it is only a 2D illusion of an impossible 3D object.

So does this impossible stairwell exist? Is it really an architectural wonders or just a fake?

Simple answer would be No. At least not for now & current science knowledge & technology to make it happen.
Next thing that most would ask is "How is it done if its not real?" Some have speculated the use of twins actors to make the video. However, judging from the video its' most likely not the answer to the hoax. The video can be made with just a combination of camera tricks / video editing combined with some convincing actors. I'm no video & animation expert but I think the video below shows clearly this RIT stairwell is a FAKE made using video editing technology.

Hope this clear things out for those not sure of the RIT Escherian stairwell video authenticity. Although the video may be a hoax I think we do have to give credit to the maker of the video for planning out a pretty well thought hoax with some pseudo science elements & making it seem so real with the whole story by students interviews.

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